What We Provide

Administrative Services

  1. Approves/signs request for financial assistance under “Lingap Para sa Mahirap Program”, viz:
    • Hospital bills / burial assistance
    • Medicines
    • Paupers burial
    • Laboratory test requests
    • Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) – kidney problem
  2. Approves/signs various documents from different departments/offices, to wit:
    • Payrolls / vouchers and attachments
    • Leave applications
    • Purchase Requests / Purchase Orders
    • Various certifications
    • Various Reports
    • Memorandum
    • Checks (for signature)
    • Work and Financial Plan and other budgetary documents
    • Program designs
    • Travel documents
    • Daily Time Records
    • Gasoline Allocation Summary and Trip Authority (GASTA)
  3. Issues certification upon request to various individuals and/or offices.
  4. Social services and referral systems
    • refer clients to avail of financial assistance from the Phil. Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). No fees collected.
    • refer clients to avail of free bus rides and/or discounts (in case of urgent needs). No fees collected.
    • refer clients to avail of free ride at the C-130 plane
  5. Public Information campaign on natural disasters and calamities
    • conduct of meetings and lectures to concern individuals and Barangays
  6. Vehicle Fleet System
    • A system adopted by the City Government of Davao to provide various employees and departments and/or offices easy access to standby vehicles for official/authorize use.
  7. Facilitates program during national and legal holidays – the City Administrator’s Office is responsible in arranging various activities during the celebration of legal holidays, to wit:
    • Araw ng Kagitingan
    • Independence Day
    • Rizal Day
    • National Heroes Day
    • Bonifacio Day


What are the requirements

    • No requirements needed


How much does it cost

    • No fees collected in all services


Who can avail

    • City Government offices and general public